You are invited to review all of the documents that have been obtained through access to information requests. Click on the access # to download the PDF’s:

Access #DepartmentDescription
A-2019-00048Canadian HeritageList of groups who received funding to celebrate 1969
A-2019-00098Canadian HeritageAll successful grant applications to celebrate 1969
A-2019-00392Canadian Heritage$250,000 1969 Grant: Documents (Part 1)
A-2021-00111Canadian Heritage$250,000 1969 Grant: Documents (Part 2)
A-2021-00109Canadian Heritage$600,000 CSMARI Grant: Documents
A-2021-00080Public Safety Canada$1,000,000 Public Safety grant: All documents
Part 1
Part 2
City of TorontoCorrespondence between Pride Toronto and Mayor John Tory’s Office
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Federal Economic Development$1,000,000 Fed Dev Grant